Pakistan’s First B2B,B2C,C2B,Trading Company and e-Shop

Company Startup

One Winsome was founded by Mr.Qaiser Ibrahim Butt and Mr.Abdul Razaq Khan in 2006-07. Company started off importing computer accessories, mobile phones, mobile accessories And garments from china.

About Us

One Winome is an import and export company situated in Pakistan. The infrastructure of One Winsome is based on B2B and B2C E-commerce. The main idea of this company is to support the future of online import and export. Using this  platform customers or traders import or export what they want. Traders can easily import or export any material from household to industry level. Our company deals with generic types of trade according to the changing trends, demand and need of the customers or traders.


Dealing with the interests of our clients and manufacturing organizations which we consider as our  business partners and giving the greatest,  highest quality, service and products.


Our Mission

In order to ensure the traders satisfaction for doing import and export we make business cooperation with trusted and reputable companies in Pakistan all over the world.


Having 16 years of experience

Registered Trade company

Research and Development Team For unting good suppliers over the world

Talented and Energetic Team Members

Traders Satisfaction

Solution Oriented


CEO Message

With the rapid growth of communication and technology now the whole world gives the picture of a global village. Technology made it possible and everything remains just on a few clicks. Using this technology the Electronic commerce is expanding day by day. 

Keeping in view the concept of e-commerce business we are providing service of import and export according to the needs of the traders. We are fulfilling the gap between traders throughout the world using One WinSome platform. 

We warmly welcome and encourage the traders to do import and export without any barriers using our provided platform. We are fully committed to fulfill the needs of traders throughout the world. Thank you

Happy Trading!
Qaiser Ibrahim Butt
CEO / Founder
One Winsome
+0317 00 100 10

One Winsome Bank Account

Askari Bank Limited, Pakistan

Account Title:
One Winsome Importers & Exporters
Account Number:
Branch Address:
Satellite Town Gujranwala
Branch Code:
Account Status:

Account Currency:

Registration and Tax Information

NTN:  2898284


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